Momentum: Conscious Movement
(Last update: 6/16/2021)

Due to the global Coronavirus outbreak,
our physical studio is closed until further notice.

We are currently running online ZOOM classes and solo home practices.
See below or contact Meshi or Winky with questions.

Dearest Dancers,
As we ride the waves of uncertainty that these wild times continue to produce, we return to the simple truth of our gratitude for you, this magnificent group of dancers and these movement practices we all love and share. We continue to be humbled and blessed by you and all the ways we are showing up for each other. Thank you.
As most of you now know, we have moved our classes and workshops online. We originally imagined that this would be temporary, yet, it now seems that this will be part of our world for a while. Certainly we are eagerly looking forward to the time we can all move together in the same space. In the meantime we are applying our creativity to move beyond just adapting towards reinventing our work using technology and ingenuity. We feel strongly that it's important to keep our movement practices alive and refreshed. It is more clear then ever how essential it is to attend to our embodied groundedness, to cultivate our creativity and keep moving. Indeed, sensation and movement are key to attending to the moment.
We continue to practice searching for ways that we can find opportunities in the chaos. Certainly a beautiful element has emerged....Dancers we love and new people from far flung places are finding their way to our classes. This makes our hearts happy!
So stay tuned for new offerings and creative collaborations. In the meantime please join us for our amazing weekly movement offerings.
Find your now through embodied movement!
Dancing with you,
Meshi and Winky


Audio Dance Class
Movement - Guidance - Invitations to Shine
With Meshi Chavez and Winky Wheeler
Available June 18 - 27, 2021
$25 - $15 sliding scale

Create time in your day to honor the longest day of the year with the power of movement and dance. This unique program celebrates the summer solstice and pops up June 18th. It is available until June 27th.

Sprinkled through the hour of curated music are interludes of movement guidance that lift and open your spirit while allowing your body to shine in its full beauty. Without video or a set time you're invited to join us at the time that works perfectly for you!

Sliding Scale

Lost and Found
Finding a way through

With Kate-Marie Mutsaers, Michael Molin-Skelton and Winky Wheeler
Online 6 weeks committed series

August 7 to September 11, 2021 (Saturday mornings for Australia)
August 6 to September 10, 2021 (Friday evenings for USA)

“When we lose our map, our real knowledge of the path begins” ~ Mark Nepo

Living with uncertainty can be unsettling, disorientating and sometimes anxious. The body might try to seek some ground, clarity and control during these life moments.In this committed 6 weeks series we will explore how we find our way through, over, under and around a life that is always in motion, always changing. Mark Nepo says “If we can see our way through the uncertainty of feeling lost, unexpected callings often present themselves”.What magic is in the experience of being lost and what happens when we are eventually are found? How can we experience the continuum of these moments with ease, groundedness and potentiality?

Alone and together we will let our moving bodies find its wisdom and let it reveal the real knowledge of the life path we have embarked on.

Cost (Australian Dollars):
Early Bird (until July 1, 2021) $195
Full $240


Butoh Foundations

75 min online Zoom class

$20-0 sliding scale.

Butoh Foundations is a fully guided class that utilizes and encourages you to trust your own creativity. With this dance practice there is no such thing as a good or bad move. There is only the exquisite experience of truly inhabiting our bodies. Here we develop techniques of radical attentiveness which can lead to radical embodiment. Butoh Foundations peaks curiosity and ushers in a sense of freedom. This is a drop in class and no experience is necessary.

Register with Meshi:

Movement and Metaphor

Online Zoom class

$20-0 sliding scale.

Due to the creative process this class is initiated with, the size is limited to 10 people.
Contact Winky to see if there is room.

Sunday Dance

Online Zoom class

10:00am - 11:15pm
$20-0 sliding scale.

Sliding Scale

For those having financial challenges due to the corona virus crisis, we offer you refuge in our movement practices. Please contact Meshi or Winky and we will make sure you get the links for the classes you are interested in attending.
We hold you in our hearts.
with deep love
Meshi & Winky

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