Momentum: Conscious Movement
(Last update: 2/8/2020)

NOTE: Sunday class, February 9, 2020 will be held at 133 SE Madison.
Enter through the purple door on SE 2nd between Madison & Main

Where I Stand is Sacred • Begins February, 2020 • Learn more
Butoh Workshop • February 21-23, 2020 • Learn more

We are made to move!

Movement is essential to all of life. When we pause long enough to perceive the relationship between our self and our environment we see that motion is happening within and around us. We can learn to tap into this momentum as a dynamic and endless source of inspiration.

Located in Portland, Oregon, Momentum: Conscious Movement (M:CM) classes, workshops, and events provide a balance of structure and freedom allowing personal creativity to thrive. Each session provides an opportunity to revel in movement, to sweat, and to connect.

And did we mention? It’s FUN!

We offer a range of music which provides rich landscapes, mindful moments, and celebration. Instruction is inviting and expansive, deepening our physical knowledge, possibility, and pleasure.

All of the dance experiences we offer are appropriate for all ages and fitness abilities. Participate at your own pace from exactly where you are in the moment.

Experience the joy of being fully alive in your body.

We offer Soul Motion, designed by Vinn Marti, and are developing Conscious Movement techniques from our work with dancers.

Some of our collective movement influences include, Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms, ecstatic dance, modern dance, martial arts, traditional dance forms, trance dance, the dance of life and the inspirations that happen in the dance with all of our dancers.

Come experience it.

Meshi Chavez & Winky Wheeler

Given the focused and/or contemplative nature of our weeknight classes, children are best welcomed to Sunday Morning. See our "What to expect" page for further thoughts.

Class Locations:
Sunday classes are held at Studio #2: 810 SE Belmont, Portland, Oregon
Weeknights and workshops are held at Momentum Studio: 1028 SE Water Avenue #250, Portland, Oregon


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