Sunday Morning Dance

Sundays: 9:30 - 11:00am
$15 - $20 Sliding scale, cash or check

New Expressive Works, 810 SE Belmont (Enter at back of building)
Bringing Children

The first thirty minutes of our time together is dedicated to solo exploration. During this beginning we are invited to sink deeper into our inner landscapes and arrive more fully in the present moment. Stretching, breathing, centering, easing into our bodies and beginning movement are the landmarks of this time. Rich, luxurious and restorative self connection and reflection are the rewards.
After a brief silence our focus begins to shift. We expand our sense of self and begin to engage in the space around and beyond our bodies. This includes the four walls, the objects and the other dances happening now. We activate the so called ‘empty space’ between us. We engage through this active space and access the sense of The Mystery that is alive there. By nurturing it we deepen our connections. Here on the edge the known and unknown world the possibilities arise. We slip through time and space into a dance that unites us.

About the Instructors

Photo of Meshi
Meshi Chavez is a dancer, choreographer and movement teacher. He believes everyone and everything IS movement. He seeks to connect individuals with the innate power of motion and to deepen their connection to the body and natural world.

Photo of Winky
Winky Wheeler sees inhabiting the body through dance as a powerful and transformative act on the path of self-discovery, personal change and fully engaged living. A Soul Motion and movement leader, with over 18 years of experience offering weekly classes, special events and workshops. Winky continues to delight in the way these practices guide and inform our lives, drawing us deeper into ourselves and The Mystery. She offers: Early Bird Dance, Movement & Metaphor, Reflective Dance Practice, The Morning Sojourn and Sunday Morning Dance.

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