Butoh Foundations ~

with Meshi Chavez
Monday nights: 7:00 - 8:30pm*
$15 - $20 sliding scale
* Adult only/not appropriate for children

Momentum Studio • 1028 SE Water Avenue #250 • Portland Oregon

Butoh Foundations provides weekly training for our bodies, our minds, and our being. In this class, we learn how to develop radical presence in the body, which provides the opportunity to discover new movement potential. This practice encourages us to step beyond conventional ways of approaching dance by guiding us toward being moved by instinct, action, and unknown possibilities, where we have a chance to discover our own creative potential.
This is a drop-in class and is open to movers of all levels.
"And even this indirect approach is not based on a plan. It's hard to plan for something that takes you beyond what you can imagine, which is what this method is designed to do."- Bring Me the Rhinoceros by John Tarrant

About the Instructor

Photo of Meshi
Meshi Chavez is a choreographer, movement artist and teacher. Meshi is an avid student of Butoh. His work has been called raw and visceral. He believes that dance springs from everyday moments and everyday movements. There is magic hidden in the mundane. He seeks to erase the hierarchy that has been assigned to the body and its parts, to the use of space, and to the connections we have with one another.

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